“Life Re-defining!”

Advanced Hypnotherapy TrainingWe asked our current students, halfway through their training for the Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy with Atkinson-Ball, “What would you say to someone considering doing this course?”

“This course is fabulous personal development, and Greg’s teaching methods and the subject matter make it feel effortless and refreshing.”

“A life-changing course on so many levels – a very over-used phrase that truly applies to the Atkinson-Ball course.  The material is precise and direct and right up to date, without losing the essence of hypnotherapy.  All the tools and techniques you will ever need to become a successful hypnotherapist.”

“This course changed my life the first time I took it and on this second time it seems set to do the same again!  Greg’s style of delivery is fun, inclusive, informative and very easy to relate to.  The material is amazing stuff and you can’t wait to get using it.  The atmosphere is fun, caring and everything is geared around the well-being of the client and therapist, with an emphasis on an ethical approach.”

“Greg’s style of delivery is unique and fun, but the learning that takes place is deadly serious.  Every day has brought me a new insight, either about myself or someone else.  The gaps between the learning (the breaks, the weeks between sessions) are sometimes where a lot of learning takes place.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this stuff in a weekend, or a crash course in 1-2 weeks! You need time to process everything.  The practical skills are taught in a relaxed but effective way, although the more you practice the more quickly you’ll gain confidence in this area.  The more you bring to this course, the more you’ll get out of it.”

“The ABC advanced hypnotherapy course is exciting and dynamic. The concept of ‘keeping it simple’ was initially difficult to comprehend; using these techniques and the tools given during the course shows precise, rapid and life-changing results.  I am excited to become part of an honest and caring group of hypnotherapists.”  Linda Uttley

“Life-changing and enlightening!  If in doubt, just decide to do it!  Good luck.” Katy

“At the start of the course it was a bit hazy – but as the weeks passed we were dazzled by all the lightbulbs that were pinging on in rapid succession! Utterly life-redefining.”  Kerry Fielding

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