Current students have their say

Advanced hypnotherapy training“Being half way through the course, I would say to anyone thinking of doing this course, ‘Look no further’, as this course will give you all the tools and support you need to be successful and bring about the changes required to be a better version of you.  The processes learned here will change your life, if you’re ready for the change.”  Nigel

“My experience of the course has totally exceeded my expectation.  Greg’s style is fun, dynamic, caring and to the point.  His way of teaching is really fun.  The course content is so all-encompassing and gives you a feeling of empowerment.  You learn a lot about yourself in a caring, nurturing environment.  Lots of self-awareness, growth and a feeling of ‘I can really do this!’   Best course I’ve ever been on – without a doubt.  Thanks.”  Louise Lomas

“I have been on many so-called transformational courses and felt that something has changed in my life for the better – but this course has literally changed my life!  I now know that I will be looking at everything with a brand new attitude.  I felt this fear but now it has gone.  If you are considering becoming a hypnotherapist I would not hesitate to recommend the Atkinson-Ball course as the best on this planet!”  Marina

“This course has given me the opportunity to explore my thought processes and my behaviours.  I have and am still learning a great deal about working with people in all aspects of my work.  I look forward to working competence as a hypnotherapist.”  Claire McDonough

“The course is eye-opening, quite mind-blowing and thoroughly enjoyable!!  The content and material are very accessible and easy to use.  The course itself is straight forward and to the point.  No ‘faffing’!  We were hypnotising people within the first few hours and any initial anxieties everyone had were gone very very quickly.”  Gina Reid

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